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What is the Benefit of Staging Your Home?

What is the Benefit of Staging Your Home?

Why Should You Stage Your Home Before Selling?

What exactly is the benefit of staging your home before you put it up for sale? Well, for one thing, staging is one of the most important steps in the selling process because it gets your property looking “show-time ready” to appeal to the largest market of potential buyers.

With a professional stager or interior designer by your side, you can take advantage of this effective marketing tool in any home or condominium of yours. Or make it a DIY project (Do-It-Yourself)  and transform your home into a new space. Either way, a beautifully decorated home with modern furniture and pleasing-to-the-eye products have been proven to better improve a property’s chances of becoming a product of sale.

What are the benefits of home staging?

  • Better first impressions with prospective buyers
  • Longer lasting impressions after a property’s full potential is highlighted
  • Helps the buyer picture themselves living in that home
  • Higher marketing advantage over non-staged properties
  • Better images on realty websites, the Internet and in listings

Who should you stage your home with?

Interested in having your property staged by Highland Realty? Schedule a FREE Home Evaluation first with us and we will stage your home for you when you decide to put it up for sale or rent. When you choose Highland Realty, you receive eight value-adding services, including photography services, brochures and online marketing, clean-up services and more. Learn more here.

You can also choose to hire a professional stager or interior decorator, but costs will vary. With Highland Realty, all staging costs are included already so you receive home staging for FREE with our services.

What are the visual differences between no staging and staging a home?

Take a look at our gallery of “before” and “after” photos from a home recently staged. Notice the lack of clutter, the beautiful but simple decorations (like lamps, linens, pillows, and accessories), and modern style that the staging presents in each and every room.

Stage your home today and increase the appeal of your home to more prospective buyers today!

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