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Perks of Living in the Suburbs

Perks of Living in the Suburbs

Residents of hustling and bustling cities often say that they would never pick a suburban area over their exciting city life. The proximity to unique cafes and restaurants, being able to walk EVERYWHERE, and the artsy lifestyle makes some feel right at home. For others, suburbia is a better fit; it could suit the needs of a couple more or be the perfect living solution for those looking to expand their family soon.

Lydia McNutt, writer for the Huffington Post, outlines five hidden perks about living in the suburbs that could change your mind about living on the outskirts of a city. Let’s check it out!

1. Everything is New

Well, not everything, but for the most part, homes in the suburbs have newer features and systems, including new roofs, windows, appliances, heating, plumbing and electrical systems. Unlike older homes in downtown cities, suburban homes often will not require serious repairs or replacements for a while.

This could also extend to the neighbourhood surrounding a home – there are often less potholes, old roads, deteriorating bridges, and more. The highways, streets, sidewalks, public transit stations and more are typically on the newer side and it’s great!

2. Greenspaces and Parks

Although urban designers and planners do their best to incorporate green spaces and rooftop gardens in busy cities, they are nothing compared to the lush and spacious greenspaces found in suburban areas. With conservation parks, bike trails and picnic areas galore, you will hard-pressed to not find a greenspace in the suburbs close to your home.

3. Parking Space

It’s simple – in cities, parking is a constant struggle. Whether it is finding an open spot on the street or discovering a paid parking lot that doesn’t charge absurd amounts of money, it is tough to park anywhere in the city.

True, the hope is that if you live in the city, you won’t need a car at all and you can just walk to and from places, but depending on your job or family situation, you might still need to have a car in the city. In the suburbs at least, parking is a breeze and almost every store or workspace has a parking lot set up already with free spots open all the time.

4. Affordability

The cost of living in a city versus a suburb can vary enormously, especially with regards to property taxes, daycare fees, and home and car insurance rates. In terms of housing prices, it might not be as drastic, but it all depends on the location and features of a city’s apartment or condo.

McNutt states that you should be aware of the car and commuting expenses that often come with living in a suburb. At least cars are optional in a city, whereas they are pretty much a must in the suburbs.

5. Family-Friendly

Last but not least, suburbs tend to be more family-friendly than city communities. This is not to say that you cannot raise a family in a city – actually, hundreds of families do this today with no problems at all! Several condo communities are becoming more accommodating of families but if you are looking for that typical large square footage property with a backyard, picket fence, and playground nearby, then you are more likely to find that in the suburbs.

Overall, suburban life isn’t for everyone and living in the city can be all that you needs to enjoy life and raise a family. But, becoming a suburbanite might be the way to go at some point (depending on your personal needs, budget, job and future plans, of course).

Source: Huffington Post (Lydia McNutt)