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Churchill Meadows Mississauga

Churchill Meadows Mississauga

Churchill Meadows Houses for Sale + Real Estate Listings

Churchill Meadows is located just west of Winston Churchill, north of highway 403 and south of Britannia Rd West.  


DESCRIPTION OF AREA: “Well constructed homes with smartly laid out streets make Churchill Meadows a great destination for family buyers. For the price, the lots are especially small, with 80 feet depths on average. Prices have risen dramatically since first construction, signalling the desirability of the area. Now that the majority of the area has been built, prices are stabilizing and coming in line with average market appreciation.”

AGE OF HOUSES: 93% of homes in Churchill Meadows are 26 years or younger with most of those being under 15 years old.

DID YOU KNOW: Churchill Meadows is one of the youngest communities in Mississauga!

TYPE OF NEIGHBOURHOOD: Well located in the west end of Mississauga, Churchill Meadows is an ever-increasing popular spot for younger families to begin their lives.

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