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Clarkson and Lorne Park Mississauga

Clarkson and Lorne Park Mississauga

LOCATION: Clarkson and Lorne Park are two separate communities that are often grouped together, both located in Mississauga.

POPULATION: Approx. 36, 747

DESCRIPTION OF HOMES: In the area of Lorne Park, about 67% of the homes are 27+ years old. 18% are older than 50 years old and 13% are younger than 26 years old. These two areas are some of the oldest communities in Mississauga but they have very different styles of real estate. Lorne Park is filled with gorgeous and lavish homes typically in the $1,000,000+  category whereas Clarkson offers more classically styled and affordable housing.

SCHOOLS: Lorne Park Secondary School is located in this area and has been rated #1 overall in school rankings. Clarkson Secondary School holds a strong French Immersion (FI) program for high school students wishing to have proficiency in both French and English by the end of Grade 12. There are also three major public schools including Lorne Park Public School, Tecumseh Public School, and Whiteoaks Public School.

COMMUNITY: Since Lorne Park is near Port Credit and the shores of Lake Ontario, there is definitely no shortage of lush parks, nature trails or shoreline paths to visit. Additionally, there are lots of community activities going on all the time; Jack Darling Memorial Park and Rattray Marsh Conservation Area are great places to visit with the family.

CONVENIENCE/TRANSIT: Both the Port Credit and Long Branch GO Stations are located close to Lorne Park. The Clarkson GO Station is located at 1110 South Rd and has a number of trains and buses running every day. Oakville Transit and MiWay bus services are also offered at this station.

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