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Lisgar Mississauga

Lisgar Mississauga

LOCATION: Lisgar is located in the northwest corner of Mississauga close to Meadowvale and the edge of Mississauga, heading into Milton. The highlights of this relatively new area are: affordability, convenient distance to public transportation (Lisgar GO), and quiet picturesque streets to walk down.

POPULATION: Approx. 30,917

DESCRIPTION OF HOMES: 86% of the homes in this area are 26 years old or younger, with most being under 20 years. This area is considered one of the two most affordable neighbourhoods for a first-time buyer family and there is a great mixture of affordable townhouses, semis, and detached houses. Affordability is the key here! The average price range for detached homes is $500,000 to $700,000, whereas the average price range for semi detached and townhouses is $300,000 to $450,000.

Although the prices are great in this area, be aware that the lots are tighter, trees and landscaping are still developing, and the backyard spaces for most properties are on the smaller side.

SCHOOLS: The schools in Lisgar have a decent ranking and are a lot newer than other schools in Mississauga. Some school names include Trelawny Public School, Lisgar Middle School and Meadowvale Secondary School.

COMMUNITY: It’s clear that Lisgar is a safe and family-friendly area. There are lots of parks, trails and splash pads around to keep the family busy outdoors. Additionally, this community is great if you and your family are on a budget, wish for a peaceful & quiet neighbourhood, and still want easy access to Toronto (via train at Lisgar GO).

This area might not be for you, however, if you want a bustling urban life, lack a personal vehicle or have a big backyard on your top priority list. Additionally, since the homes and schools are newer, there is not as much character to this neighbourhood as older parts of Mississauga.

CONVENIENCE/TRANSIT: It takes about 50 minutes to arrive by train from Lisgar GO (Train) to Toronto. This is a great alternative to sitting on the highway for an hour or two. If you are willing to pay extra, however, Hwy 407 is nice and close as well!

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