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Rathwood Mississauga

Rathwood Mississauga

LOCATION: Rathwood is located in eastern Mississauga, just north of Applewood and south of Hurontario. In terms of house features and neighbourhood style, it is quite similar to Applewood. This area is often associated with Applewood since they are so similar in terms of amenities, housing mix and affordability. However, they vary in accessibility to Toronto and the rest of Mississauga.

DESCRIPTION OF HOMES: Many describe Rathwood as one of the most mature and established areas in Mississauga. There is a good range of detached homes with side splits and backsplits and the lot sizes are popular among large families. Mixed in with these homes are tons of parks and bike paths for everyone to enjoy.

In terms of types of homes, there are 60s/70s styled bungalows, traditional 2-storeys, detached homes from the 80s, and several basement apartments with separate entrances. Prices seem to start at around $600,000 and $750,000 and more for recently renovated homes. There are also a few modern executive town homes hiding in there like Hickory Village.

SCHOOLS: Rathwood (and Applewood as well) has a good balance of strong public AND Catholic schools – including top high schools Glenforest Secondary School (with its excellent IB or International Baccalaureate program), and John Cabot Catholic SS, as well as Philip Pocock Catholic SS.

COMMUNITY: This community is a mature and established area with longer-term residents; it is also considered a second-time buyer neighbourhood. It is a safe and family-oriented area with a good collection of schools and shops around.

CONVENIENCE/TRANSIT: This community has nice access to both Mississauga’s bustling Square One area and Toronto as well. It is just minutes away from the City Centre Transit Terminal and Square One GO station.

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